Why a Hotel Venue Is the Right Choice for Your Wedding

Weddings are joyful and celebratory occasions, but the months leading up to them are often stressful for the couple planning it. Learning how to pick a venue for the wedding takes a significant amount of research and time. You’ll need to consider a full range of variables and options to make an informed decision, but […]

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Ideas for the Perfect Wedding Proposal

When you finally decide it’s time to pop the question, a million questions will start rushing through your head. How should I propose? How should I ask my girlfriend’s dad to marry her? How should we announce it? The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. We know it’s a stressful […]

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Where Do Wedding Traditions Come From?

Weddings are a sacred, beautiful ceremony couples participate in to solidify their love for one another, right? Not exactly. Unfortunately, many of the traditions we know and love come from either outdated gender roles or advertising executives. But, does that mean we should stop having weddings altogether? Of course not. Weddings are, for the most […]

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