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Every memory made here builds upon our history, and it is all inspired by the Glidden family. The Glidden House served as the private family residence of Frank and Mary Glidden from 1910 until they passed it onto their daughter Ida who lived in the home until her death.

Our eight signature suites are in the original sleeping spaces of the home. Each is named for a member of the Glidden family and has decor inspired by their interests.


Francis Kavanaugh Glidden


Francis “Frank” Kavanaugh – is the eldest son of Francis and Winifred born on August 24th. He became the husband of Mary and father of Ida. He was originally the secretary of the Glidden Paint Company before becoming the Vice President running the company alongside his brother William Joy.  Frank loved traveling and had homes in New York and Florida. He was a member of many clubs and societies including the Union Club and the Euclid Club. He supported Case Western Reserve and the Art Museum. Frank had a billiards room in the basement where he smoked cigars and played piano, billiards, and cards with his group of gentleman friends.

Favorite Glidden Color: Rich Blue.

  • Birthday 8/24/1855
  • Eldest son to Francis Harrington and Winifred Glidden, one of many siblings
  • Met Mary Grasselli and was married on 10/8/1884
  • Secretary of the Glidden Paint Company
  • Became the VP of Glidden Paint Company
  • Avid traveler
  • Played the piano, smoked cigars, played billiards and cards
  • Member of the Union Club and the Euclid Club
  • Republican
  • An avid art aficionado, Very Philanthropic donated to Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland Museum of Art and many other anonymous giving

Mary Grasselli Glidden

Mary Grasseli – was the sister of Caesar A. Grasselli who owned the Grasselli Chemical Company. Her family was extremely involved in the local Cleveland business community and very well-known and successful in their own right. She was very socially active in her youth and traveled extensively with Frank as well as trips with her daughter Ida. Philanthropy was no stranger to Mary and she was always willing to support a valuable cause. She designed most of the interior of The Glidden House and also gardened. She selected the very trees you see outside of our doors. Mary had a private entrance installed to Frank’s billiard room so his friends would not disturb she and Ida, and when she wanted an address on Magnolia Lane (instead of the Ford Road address their house faced) she has a second entrance put in to attain the address.

Favorite Glidden Color: Pale Blue.

  • Birthday in 1863
  • Sister of Caesar A Grasselli of Grasselli Chemical company
  • Met Frank when they were living in the same area
  • Married on 10/8/1884
  • Ida was only daughter
  • Traveled extensively
  • Enjoyed gardening
  • Very philanthropic
  • Close with her siblings, sister Ida, brother Caesar

Ida Winifred Glidden

Ida Winifred – was the daughter of Frank and Mary born on September 26th. She was named after her aunt Ida Grasselli. She traveled extensively with her family and had a close relationship with her cousins including the famed cartoonist W.L. Evans whom she frequently traveled with to and from Florida and New York. She lived in The Glidden House all of her life.

Favorite Glidden Color: Orchid. 

  • Birthday 9/26/1885
  • Traveled extensively with her family
  • Had an injury when she was young, lived a long life until 83
  • Named for her aunt (Mother’s sister) Ida Grasselli
  • Became close and lived with her cousin (by marriage) cartoonist W.L. Evans

Francis Harrington Glidden


Francis Harrington – Born on May 24th. He was a sailor in the Navy where he lost an eye. He was a doting husband to his wife Winifred and they were both very involved in their church. Frank is his eldest son. Francis spent lots of time traveling with his children taking trips, golfing, fishing, and of course, building the family business. He founded the Glidden Paint Company and eventually passed it along to his sons. While Francis was one of the first men in America to own an automobile he never drove one! He became very close to his personal chauffeur whom he traveled with for decades.

Favorite Glidden Color: Red Enamel.

  • Birthday 5/24/1832
  • Was a soldier in the Navy and lost an eye
  • Enjoyed Fishing, played piano
  • Married to Winifred in 1854 until she passed away
  • Never drove a car, had a personal driver whom he became very close to
  • Englewood, Clifton, VA home built an oratory for Mary when she could no longer attend church

Winifred Kavanaugh Glidden

Winifred Kavanugh – Born on February 11th. Winnifred had a very close and loving relationship with her sister Gertrude. She was very socially involved in Cleveland, though she loved her time in Palm Beach hosting tea, spending time near the ocean, and visiting with other Palm Beach socialites.

Favorite Glidden Color: Coral Rose.

  • Birthday 2/11/1835
  • Very philanthropic and religious
  • Hosted tea at home in WPB
  • Was involved in social groups
  • Had many children
  • Very close with sister Gertrude who was a lovely singer

Emily Leighton Glidden


Emily Leighton – Born October 6th, Emily is one of Frank’s sisters. She was known to travel with her father and brothers and; like her mother Winnifred, was very philanthropic. She was considered to be part of “Fashionable society” and papers frequently reported the gowns and furs she would wear to events. 

Favorite Glidden Color: Jade Green.

  • Birthday 10/6/1860
  • Part of “fashionable society” and was a socialite
  • Was married for a number of years to a James Meaher

William Joy Glidden


William Joy – Born September 4th. William was the younger brother of Frank. He became a treasurer for the Glidden Paint company and helped to expand the company across the country. William spent lots of time traveling and while he was wintering in Palm Beach would frequently enter (and win!) golf tournaments. He visited with his family often and hosted many soirees at his home.

Favorite Glidden Color: Lettuce Green. 

  • Birthday 9/4/1866
  • Loved to Golf
  • Traveled to palm beach often and entertained friends and socialites
  • Treasurer of Glidden Paint Company
  • Expanded Glidden paint into Boston
  • Member of the Knights of the Columbus

Joseph Francis Glidden

Joseph Francis – Born June 13th. Joseph is the younger brother of Frank. He was a student of Case Western Reserve University where he studied cognitive science and was a member of the Omega Psi fraternity. He was married to Elizabeth Moriarty. Our historian had a tough time finding much more information about him, but he does share a name with the inventor of barbed wire!

Favorite Glidden Color: Dark Green.

  • Birthday 6/13/1871
  • Was a Case Western Reserve Graduate in 1894 from Omega Psi (cognitive science)
  • Married Elizabeth Moriarty on 11/27/1900
  • Did NOT invent barbed wire!

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