It’s been a long day of meetings, business transactions, sightseeing and exploring the grounds of University Circle. So if you’re looking for a place to unwind, look no further than the Palette Lounge at Glidden House. Relax and grab a signature drink as you meet with old friends and make new ones. Located in our historic and intimate lobby lounge area,  Palette Lounge is open daily starting at 4 PM from Tuesday to Saturday. 

Glidden House Signature Drinks

Since 1910, the Glidden House has had a long and storied history. As a private residence of the Glidden family, many nights were spent entertaining business and social guests alike, in turn of the century Cleveland. Experience some of the cocktails the family may have enjoyed while relaxing in their home.


The Last Word – First served at the Detroit Athletic Club circa 1915 and one of the most successful Prohibition-era drinks. As with many Gin drinks, it has a robust flavor with a mix of spices, and herbs, yet it’s perfectly balanced. A little sour, a little sweet, a little pungent.

The Hemmingway Daiquiri – As the story goes, Hemingway, looking for a bathroom, popped into a bar in Cuba. There, he saw the bartender mix a batch of daiquiris. Never one to leave an unattended beverage to its own devices, Hemingway picked up the drink and tried it. After a few tastes, he was said to have told the bartender, “That’s good, but I’d prefer it without the sugar…and double the rum.” A refreshing drink served chilled, never frozen.

The Rob Roy – The Rob Roy was inspired by a play detailing Rob Roy Macgregor’s exploits that was performing on Broadway and created at the world-renowned Waldorf Astoria around the end of the 19th Century. This long-time favorite has been enjoyed by Scotch drinkers all over the world. You will enjoy ours as well.

The Sidecar – Was created in Europe at the end of World War I and was named after the motorcycle attachment that was very popular back in the day. A wonderful blend of Cognac and orange that won’t disappoint.

The Francis Old Fashioned – While the stories differ, rumor has it that the old fashioned was created at a gentlemen’s club in Kentucky in the 19th century. Whatever the case, we can imagine Francis Glidden, after a hard day’s work sitting in front of the fireplace enjoying this Bourbon classic. We know you will enjoy ours as well.